he Hardy Amies ‘HA’ monogram was the brainchild of Sir Hardy’s friend William Haines, one of the great West Coast interior designers. Hardy loved the idea of having his initials displayed in his office space, in the salon and on all the soft furnishings, so asked the American to create something for him. He obliged and that’s how the monogram came into being in around 1969 – certainly the geometric HA monogram has a Deco spirit. This has given the current design team the idea to revive the pattern for new, 21st-century products. They like it, they say, because it is so elegant and subtle – the initials not readily apparent. Today, then, William Haines’ design and Sir Hardy’s initials live on, reimagined on leather goods and fabrics for a whole new generation. Text Credit: Peter Howarth, Editor-in-Chief, Man About Town